Inside Dealer Sales Representative - Long Island

Summary: Reporting to the Dealer Sales & Services Manager, the Inside Dealer Sales Representative will assist in consignment activities, including maintaining contact with consignment dealers and sales representatives. Assist the Outside Dealer Sales Representatives & Manager in servicing dealer relationships, development of new business, retention of existing business and any other duties and responsibilities required. Perform all duties assigned by the Dealer Sales & Services Manager or designated manager.
Job Description:
1. Provide prompt and courteous service both on the phone and in person.
A. Demonstrate friendliness and proper phone etiquette with every customer.
B. Maintain a professional appearance.
2. Make sure customers receive prompt, efficient and courteous attention for all contacts and transactions.
3. Be familiar with procedures for handling all aspects of customer service.
4. Resolve any customer complaints in a friendly, courteous manner. Advise the Dealer Sales & Services Manager of all serious complaints or incidences.
5. Contact Consignment Dealers on a daily basis to solicit and develop new consignment business via telephone and internet, maintain current customers, and act as liaison for Outside Dealer Sales Representatives, consignment dealers and auction personnel. Complete a minimum number of fallout and prospect calls as set by your Dealer Sales & Services
6. Perform inside sales functions on each account assigned. This includes but is not limited to: determining all pre-sale activities, scheduling pick ups, clearing units for sale, numbering units, setting the sale in AMS, flooring units after they are set, handling units that require mechanical work, entering announcements and handling cancellations or additions of lane
7. Work with Online Sales department to maximize the number of dealer vehicles listed on DealerBlock. Manage IF bids on DealerBlock vehicles.
8. Make sure that sale day functions are followed, ensure all units cross the block, help with IF desk duties and work any offers that are made during and after the sale. Provide post sale reports and reports of units awaiting titles.
9. Assist dealers with any problems, discuss PSI results, and coordinate arbitration issues.
10. Maintain vehicle inventory for vehicle aging and first-in first-out process.
11. Respond to customer inquiries relating to vehicles, provide information and respond to problems that may occur.
12. Practice and promote teamwork at all times. Set a good personal example of attitude and performance.
13. Ensure proper follow-through on all directives, bulletins, schedules and accounting from the Dealer Sales & Services Manager, designated manager or other corporate sources. Build teamwork among the employees. Maintain a good flow of communication with Dealer Sales & Services Manager, Consignment staff and auction personnel.
14. Monitor all local competition and recommend competitive strategies to the Dealer Sales & Services Manager or designated manager and Marketing Manager.
15. Monitor all area conditions, vehicles, property and equipment within corporate standards for cleanliness, proper maintenance and safety. Conduct daily inspections to determine if appearance meets these standards and advise Facilities of all breakdown and maintenance needs immediately.
Educational Requirements and Qualifications: High School Diploma/GED preferred. One (1) to two (2) years sales experience preferred and one (1) year office or auction experience required. Must be qualified to operate a motor vehicle
and possess a valid driver's license.

Don't Be Fooled

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